Writing a Bitcoin Liquidity Aggregator with CoralMD

In this article we explore how we used CoralMD to write a liquidity aggregator for the Bitcoin market. Most importantly, we show how you can distribute market data to internal applications and to external clients using straightforward and efficient APIs over standard protocols. CoralMD supports three market data APIs on top of HTTP, TCP and FIX as you will see below. Continue reading

Handling Socket Lagging during Write Operations

A common problem when working with non-blocking sockets it that a client may lag when the send rate is too high, in other words, the client will push out messages faster then the network card can send and/or the other side’s network card can receive them. That will cause the underlying write socket buffer at the OS/Kernel level to fill up. In this article we explain how CoralReactor handles this complex scenario in a simple way so that you don’t have to worry about it. Continue reading